Daisy’s Weeping Eyes.

Daisy wanting some attention.

Poor Daisy has been having a tough time of it lately. Firstly, she had to be separated from her husbun, Teddy, while he fights his abscess battle, this caused Daisy to become very anxious about things which in turn brought out her aggressive streak. Secondly, her eyes started weeping. Daisy has always had ‘wet’ eyes that have been monitored & checked closely. They have never been bad enough to require drops as the tears were always clear & the fur dry.  Thirdly, she stopped eating.

Daisy missing her Big Ted.

Daisy became aggressive literally the day after Teddy did not return to her. Daisy has always relied on Teddy as back up & he gives her the confidence she needs to deal with anything stressful. I  think this is why she has become so aggressive, she is in panic mode & wants to protect herself. She’s just a scared little bunny without her Big Ted.

Soon after being separated from Teddy, I also noticed her tears were slightly milky & there was certainly a lot more of them as her fur was getting very wet around her eyes. Her left eye is worse than the right.  She was started on some eye drops & after about two weeks the tears had reduced greatly.  We carried on for another week & her tears were back to normal, however, this week I have noticed her left eye is looking very wet again, on inspection I found she has a few milky tears. Fortunately, the right eye is dry.  We suspect the cause of the tears is a slight kink in her tear ducts possibly caused by her teeth, if this is the case, it cannot be fixed only maintained with eye drops.

Daisy eating one of her favourite foods – Clover.

Daisy stopped eating & would only be tempted by her favourite foods on her last week of eye drops.  She had a thorough examination at the vets & because she has had a dental before her teeth were checked. It was found that they will need doing again but at that moment, they didn’t look bad enough to be causing an issue. She was put on painkillers & a gut stimulant for five days & if that worked, I was to stop the medication & see what happened.  The medication was stopped last week & so far she is doing ok except for the tears. I do wonder if she is stressed being without her husbun Teddy & then having to deal with all the handling for her medication.  Due to her current stress levels I am only going to monitor her milky tears for now as the last thing I want is to knock her off eating, the lesser of two evils I think.

Yesterday Daisy was reunited with her husbun Teddy.  However, Teddy’s amorous behaviour has made Daisy a little nervous of him.  I am hoping that he settles down today & things go back to normal.

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