Pretty Poppy.


Hi everyone, my name is Poppy.  I am five months old & was born at the sanctuary I was adopted from. My mum had been rescued from a multi rabbit household & was found to be pregnant, thus resulting in me & my siblings. I have only been here for about three weeks & a lot has happened, I have met all the other bunnies in the shed, my adopted mum & dad & my new husbun Toffee.

What is that thing she is pointing at me?

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of things here but once I realised I get a regular supply of food, I am very happy.  I have been trying lots of different vegetables, but only in small quantities as too much new food can upset tummies. I am not keen on being handled but Toffee tells me there is nothing to be afraid of & because my coat is quite fluffy I will have to get used to being handled. Being combed is also a new experience. So far I am really liking my new life & the best part is cuddling up to my Toffee.

This is when I first met Toffee, he was so sweet.
Toffee just wanted his head grooming.
And again!
Eventually we had a good chat.
We love to cuddle.
And more cuddles!


I like my new box.