Winter Forage.

Annie & Thumper tuck into some hedge branches.

It’s that time of year when my hedge is clipped & this is of great benefit to the bunnies, they get to do some good gnawing!

A selection of the clippings.

The hedge is a mixed hedge so contains different types of plants to munch on. Out of the five different plants in the hedge I give the bunnies three of them. They are Hazel, Hawthorn & Blackthorn. I would say Hawthorn is their favourite especially if the leaves are still on it.

Hawthorn & Blackthorn.

The bunnies also have Willow courtesy of my Willow trees, & this too is a firm favourite.

Poppy & Toffee enjoying some Hazel & Hawthorn. It was Poppy’s first branch munch.
Tilly tucking in. Peanut still camera shy but he also tucked in later.
Daisy sniffing around for her ‘lost’ branches.
Annie & Thumper gnaw away on the Hawthorn.
Teddy doesn’t hang about with his branch & neither does Daisy.

Branches are really good to give bunnies, it helps relieve boredom & helps keep their teeth in check, & for some it’s a real treat.

More Hawthorn – the before photo.
And again.
The after photo when the branches have been stripped.

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