Gorgeous & Silly!

Tilly with her new hairdo!

Thought it was time for some silliness & cuteness!

The story behind the above photo was when Tilly & Toffee were trying to bond.  She had managed to pull out a substantial amount of his fur which then ended up on her head! Thing is she wasn’t at all bothered, oh & Toffee wasn’t either! No harm was done to him due to the thickness of his coat.

Nosey Annie.
Annie, waiting for a manicure?
Annie likes nothing better than a good wash from husbun, Thumper.
Teddy just fits but Daisy is wanting a go!
What on earth is happening here!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s Superbun! Perhaps Teddy needs a cape?
A quick curtsy from Annie as Thumper comes home.
Bunny Feet!
Tilly has a tum tum!
Tilly is telling me this is her box & no one else’s.
Smiley, Happy Bunny!
Toffee’s little comfy spy hole.
Sooo Snug!


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