Remember the Christmas Gift?

What a cracking sprout tree!

In one of my previous posts, the bunnies were kindly given a sprout tree on the run upto Christmas by their Aunty C. She did however, outdo herself in finding this fantastic specimen for the bunnies to enjoy just before Christmas. Forgive the late posting on this topic.  Now most of the bunnies tucked into it well especially Teddy when all that was left was the stalk, what a set of teeth he has! But I wanted to concentrate on Tilly & Peanut in this post to show just how well Peanut has adapted to living here, loving his Tilly & being brave enough to try new & unusual things, like the sprout tree.

Tilly looks on not quite believing her luck, while Peanut, in the background thinks what the heck is that!
Tilly moves in on it & has took a bite, Peanut is worried by the movement of the tree.
Tilly scoffs more while brave Peanut has a close encounter.

Unfortunately, the tree swung back a little & gently clocked him one & that was the end of the photo session & his interest in the tree!

Sleepy Tilly with her full tummy heads to bed for a snooze.
Peanut joins her as they have an inadvertent head nuzzle.
Such bliss for Tilly, & Peanut still unsure of the camera still stays with his missus.

It may not seem much looking at the photos but for Peanut to investigate something whilst I was there with the camera & then stay with his missus later, is a huge step forward for him. He still has a long way to go but he keeps having these little break throughs & as long as that keeps happening he’ll get there.

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