Gorgeous & Silly – The Sequel!

A happy Teddy.

I can often have many silly & cute photos which do not fit into any logical posts, so I thought Gorgeous & Silly deserved a sequel-Enjoy!

Tilly in the hay.
Thumper looking cool & relaxed.
Teddy finds a support while he has a clean.
Daisy gives her verdict on the car.
Snug as a bug in a box!!
Daisy absolutely loves it when Teddy is on top of her as in this picture.
As you can see, Teddy isn’t bothered in the slightest. How can Daisy breathe?
Teddy finally moves much to Daisy’s disappointment.

The next photos are of my dearest Rumble who passed last year.  I just had to share these two photos. How on earth he is comfortable under that pipe I have no idea, it was often something he would do.

Rumble – so comfy?
One of Rumble’s favourite places – underneath the car.
Tilly has a visitor – Mr Wild Bun!
Teddy sitting pretty while Daisy scoffs her mouthful of hay.
Youthful Annie.
Always good to relax with someone.

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