Tilly & Peanut Explore.


As the smells increase in the bunny shed from the other bunnies when they have their indoor playtime, the more there is to investigate & reclaim. As soon as Tilly was let out she was straight to those smells.

Tilly reclaiming the stool with a bit of chinning.
No time to hang about as this action shot shows.

The elusive & very camera shy Peanut was let out too & I actually managed to get some photos of him. He is still very nervous & shy but little by little he is gaining in confidence.

A sneaky shot of Peanut on the hay.
A nervous Peanut investigates.
Tilly is close by doing her own investigation.
The rabbit bags are always a favourite to be explored.
Tilly’s off for a scurry.
And Peanut hastily follows.
Tilly finds another interesting smell.
Peanut hurries away.
Tilly finishes off with a nice relaxing hay munch.

As for Peanut he went & hid in his favourite place, a cardboard box. Not to be seen again until it was home time.

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