Hi everybody, my name is Apollo & I have recently joined this new family.  I am a New Zealand white & just over a year old.  Unfortunately, my breed of rabbit is used in many horrible ways, we are often found in labs or in a place where we are raised for meat.  I am from the latter & am very lucky to have escaped that fate.

When I was first rescued I went to live in a foster home & I was very institutionalized, I did not understand how to behave. My foster mum gave me the time & attention I needed & I am now very interested everything & am getting used to different humans. In this new home I have had a lot of new things to investigate which I am liking very much. I have also met my missus to be, Daisy, although I am rather unsure of her at the moment so we are taking things slow.  I believe my antics may sometimes be posted on here so you will probably be hearing a lot more about me in the future.

Apollo – having a good look at his new home!

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