The Moult.

Annie starting her moult.

The moult has arrived in the bunny shed, well sort of.  Annie & Thumper are the only two who are really going for it this year.  Annie started a couple of weeks ago but hasn’t really needed combing.  As you can see in the photo, the desk mat does a good job of collecting the loose fur.  Thumper is the only bunny so far who has needed a good comb.

Thumper’s fur after a good comb.
Thumper looking a lot tidier. You can clearly see the black line around his back where he has so far shed to.

All the other bunnies are also moulting but I would call it quite a light moult, meaning I haven’t had to take the comb to any of them yet.  They’re shedding very fine amounts.  It is a rare thing not to be combing at least half of the bunnies during a moult.  The most surprising is Toffee as his coat is almost always guaranteed to need combing with huge amounts but I am barely getting a golf ball size off him at every comb.

If you’d like to know about moulting click here.

I always think it is a waste to throw away all the bunny fur that is collected so I decided to hang it out for the local birds.  I had kept the bunnies fur from their last moult with this idea in mind.  I put the outdoor camera nearby to see if any birds take me up on the offer, so far there has been a Chaffinch & a Blue Tit although most recently a Crow!!  Unfortunately, the photos are not very clear to put on here.

Most of the fur is Toffee’s & Annie’s, so how snug will those nests be!

Mostly Toffee’s & Annie’s fur.

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