The Moulters!

Annie moulting well as usual!

Well it’s that time of year where the bunnies are starting to get their winter coats.  Some are moulting better than others.  As you can see from the photo above & the photo below Annie’s coat is one that always needs help at moulting time.

Here you can see the full extent of Annie’s moult.
Daisy is another bun whose coat always seems to need a hand.
You can see Daisy is ahead of Annie with her moult, see the tide line halfway down her sides whereas Annie is just starting hers on her back.
This is as good as Daisy gets after a good comb. You can never comb out all the moulting fur, you just have to wait until next time & keep going.
Poppy always has a brush once a week due to her mane & partial skirt but she is just starting the moult so more combing.
Here you can see the mane all around her head & down her chest. The partial skirt is just at her back end behind the back leg.
Toffee’s moult usually means he goes from Blondie to Brunette!
This is the fruits of all that combing. The birds will have comfy nests again next year!

The rest of the bunnies are having a mild moult this year, well so far, & are managing fine without any combing help.

For any owners out there who have a moulting bunny, keep brushing!  To find out the usual order of a bunny moult click here.

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