Scrumptious Treat!

Poppy enjoying her treat.

It’s apple season!

It’s the time of year when my apple trees provide a little treat for the bunnies.  Of course, they don’t get all the apples, but they are allowed a limited few.

Please remember fruit is often high in sugar & starch. Given on a daily basis it could cause diarrhoea, gut problems & make them fat, that is why my bunnies are only allowed the limited few.

Tilly munching away.
Peanut makes sure no one can see him eating his piece of apple, he doesn’t want anyone to steal it.
Annie tucks straight in.
Apollo half asleep eating his piece.
It’s not just my bunnies that enjoy the apples. So does Mr Wild Bun.
The birds also enjoy them, although this fella is more interested in the water provided.

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