Poppy & Toffee are Home!


Hi folks, well my mum said I could do this post.  I’ve not really much experience but I said I’d give it a go.
Firstly, we’d all like to say we hope you all had a good Christmas & a good start to the new year. It was very busy for my mum hence no posts of late.
If you’ve been following our posts, you’ll know that our bunny shed is being renovated. It’s been frustrating as it’s been a slow process obtaining workmen, especially with all these new houses they are building. Anyway, Toffee & I have finally moved back in our shed & in a renovated pen too.

Our new pen.
We love it!

Our pen has been recycled from Daisy’s old pen, as she is getting a new pen, in fact all the other bunnies are. We don’t mind though as this pen is much sturdier & is slightly bigger.  You see this pen technically is only a temporary pen, as my husbun & his previous missus were not meant to be staying on a permanent basis but they never went back home. This was good news as it meant I got to come & live here. We hope the other bunnies will join us soon. Oh the plastic sheeting is just temporary in case anyone was puzzling about it, it’s just until our pen is moved into it’s normal position.

We love to just chill & cuddle up.

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