Pens Getting Nearer!


Hi Everyone, my mum asked me if I’d be brave enough to write a post, so with encouragement from Poppy who did one last week, I felt I ought to give it a go. Our new pens are progressing, they have all been made now & are finally over here. The next step was to oil them to give them protection especially in our toilet areas. The pens are made out of a hardwood but every little helps to make them last as long as possible. My mum has been oiling them for well over a week now, they aren’t drying so good with the damp weather.

Our pens in the garage having just been oiled.
My mum has put a heater in with them to help dry them.

Once the pens have fully dried, the next step is to fit the mesh & then put them together! We will be in not long after that. The oil that we have used is called Tung oil & it can be used on eating areas & we checked & it is pet safe. It’s what our old pens were oiled in so we know there is no problem with it.  Paws crossed we’ll be in soon.

The Tung Oil

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