Scale Time!

Toffee sitting calmly on the scales.

Time is flying as it was weigh time again for the bunnies.  I always aim to do a monthly weigh unless I am concerned about some bunnies’ eating or weight loss.  It’s a good indicator as to whether some health issue is afoot.  It’s also a good opportunity to give the bunnies a thorough once over.

Tilly next!

Tilly knows just what the job is sitting on the scales & is quite patient. She needed a little grooming around her back end which tells me she may be stiffening up & struggling to stretch & reach that area to groom.

Poppy not sitting still!

Poppy managed to sit still long enough for the scales to register her weight but knowing a groom was coming up next, she was a bit anxious to crack on with it.

Thumper, so bored he’s had that many weight checks.
Apollo getting a green glow from the towel!

Apollo still isn’t keen on having a weigh in. He probably knows what comes next – a groom. He usually always needs one.

As for Peanut, Katie & Daisy, they were too much of a handful for any photos.  Peanut always wants to be off, Daisy was in a foul mood & the teeth were out & Katie was just hyper as she investigates everything new.  Fortunately, no serious problems just a couple of health clues to make note of & more monitoring required.

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