Hot, Hot, Hot!

Toffee tired by the heat.

As the UK followers will know it’s been quite the heatwave this last week.  The bunnies have never experienced such high temperatures. My priority was to keep them as cool as I could.  This meant early starts to get their shed opened up, all windows & door fully open.  If we were lucky we had a breeze that circulated nicely through the shed although the temperatures were still quite high.
To help combat the heat I provided each pair with a tile or slate to help keep them cool. Toffee & Poppy wouldn’t go anywhere near theirs.  Toffee preferred to snuggle into his shredded paper & Poppy preferred to sit or lie near the water dish.

Poppy staying within reach of the water dish.

One bunny who stayed on her tile the most was Katie, which I was most relieved about as I was worried her coat would overheat her even though it’s shorter than normal.

Katie keeping cool on her tile.

Thumper preferred to sit across the pipe opening as there was usually a good breeze.

Thumper staying cool with a breeze through the pipe.

Even Peanut stayed in enjoying the pipe breeze.

Peanut keeping cool preferring the matting to the tile.

Of course there are always the bunnies who are completely nuts, Tilly for one decided she’d stay outside, mostly she stayed under her stool in the shade but I did catch her sat out a couple of times.

Tilly totally unfazed by the heat.

Then of course the ultimate nutters:

Daisy & Apollo cuddled up!

I mean, who cuddles up in a heatwave with a thick fur coat on? I can’t understand why they thought it was a good idea & how on earth they didn’t overheat is anybody’s guess.  At least they were half on the tile & getting a breeze from the pipe.
A couple of other things I did to keep them cool was put a bottle of water in the fridge & kept topping up their water bowls with it & also I wrapped some freezer blocks in a towel & put them in their pens.  These weren’t too effective as most of the bunnies thought it was a great toy to dig & throw about so it actually made them hotter with the activity! So that didn’t last more than a few hours. We hope everyone else’s pets did ok in the heatwave.

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