Katie’s Coat – Part One!

Katie with her full coat.
You can see how long it is & quite thick too.

Katie’s coat was ready for coming off, being very rusty  at dealing with Angora coats, over 20 years of rust I might add, I decided my best plan would be to go to YouTube & see what’s out there. After watching several videos of bunnies being sheared, clipped & brushed,  some in a most scary way, being put completely on their back is a massive no, no to me as you just don’t want them going into a trance.

Summers here & Katie’s coat will be too warm.

I realised I didn’t have the best equipment to deal with her coat, it looked like a paddle brush & a rotating pin comb was the way to go. I had been trying to groom her with my brush for Poppy but it just didn’t get through the wool. I also realised I didn’t have the best bunny for being groomed. Katie was very nervous of the brush & comb, & even flinched when touched, & that included by my hand too. After talking to the sanctuary we suspect that it’s likely Katie was one of those bunnies who was sent for a shear every 3 months at the vets under anaesthetic. Not something I would ever do as the anaesthetic is risky & it would be a lot to have over her lifetime.  If she had been regularly groomed I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have reacted to the brush & comb like she did. Anyway, as I awaited her new brush & comb I gave her coat a cut to get the bulk of it off.

Bulk of coat taken off.
Katie needed Thumper for support when having her coat cut.

At least I’d made a start even though I wouldn’t be winning any prizes for the cut!  Katie actually seemed better after having the bulk of her coat removed.
Next week I will let you know how we get on with the new brush & comb.

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