The Heat is On.

Thumper investigating the cool block.

To make life more comfortable for my bunnies & to stop anyone overheating in this current heatwave, I have put a couple of measures in place to help.  The first is to give each pair a cool block although Teddy & Daisy have a cool water bottle as I don’t have enough cool blocks to go round.  The bottle & blocks have been in the freezer & initially I wrapped a towel round each one but everybody unwrapped them as if it was Christmas except for Toffee & Patch!
So now everyone has the option of lying against the cool blocks.

Teddy unwrapping his cold water bottle.
Teddy finally unwrapped the bottle.
Annie also doing some investigation & licking the cool block.

My second measure is to put an ice cube in their water dish to help keep the water cool.

Ice cubes at the ready.

Toffee & Patch also needed one more thing to help them keep cool outside & that was a simple blanket draped over their pen to give them more shade.

Toffee & Patch’s pen draped with a blanket.
Toffee deciding between the pipe & the cool block.

The other bunnies do not need a blanket as they have access back into their shed & that is kept quite cool by having the windows open, the top half of the stable door open & the roof windows open.  The roof windows are the most valuable as they help keep a gently breeze circulating.

Stable door half open.
One of the roof windows.





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