E. Cuniculi.


Hi I’m Annie.  My mum asked me to do this post as I knew the late Kitty.


Kitty was very poorly with E. Cuniculi amongst other issues.  We have updated our site with a new page all about E. Cuniculi & Kitty’s complex story. Click here to go to the page & read more.

Basically, E. Cuniculi, it’s full title Encephalitozoon Cuniculi, is a protozoan parasite.  A microscopic parasite of the brain & kidneys.  Some of us rabbits can carry the parasite with no effects but can pass it on.

Prevention is the best method but if you suspect your bunny has E. Cuniculi you must get it to a vet as soon as possible.  The earlier the treatment the better chance of stopping further symptoms. It is definitely something none of us rabbits want – ever!




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