False Pregnancies


Hi, I’m Annie.  My mum thought I should write this post as I am the only mummy bunny in the shed & have experienced a true pregnancy as well as false pregnancies. I have only experienced false pregnancies now that I have been spayed.  It is said that false pregnancies only occur in unsprayed females but I know that isn’t always the case.

This is me collecting nest material.

My friend Tilly also has false pregnancies.

Tilly with her collected nesting material.

Please read our new page on false pregnancies to find out the triggers, behaviours & lots more.  There is also information about me & Tilly’s false pregnancies.

Just remember folks to avoid false pregnancies it is advisable to get your bunnies neutered.  If your spayed bunny is having regular false pregnancies you must see a vet as something else could be going on.


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