Night Cam!

From L-R Bubbles, Rumble, Thumper & Annie.

Finally got round to publishing some photos from my night cam.

Many years ago I got a camera for the rabbit shed. My main reason was so I could monitor any sick bunnies without having to keep going in & disturbing them. It works a treat & reduces the stress for all of us. It also helps me to see who is doing what within a pair which is especially useful if I am trying to determine who is drinking more or doing some other behaviour that might be a health problem.

Of course it is always fascinating to see what they get up to whilst I am not there too.

Usually it involves cuddling up – like Toffee & Patch…
Or complete relaxation – like Teddy using Daisy as a pillow!

The photos are always black & white when the photo is taken at night. During the daytime the photos can be coloured.

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