Hay Hay!

Teddy & Daisy with their big pile of hay. They’re the best hay eaters in the shed.

My bunnies get fed a big pile of hay everyday & by the following day most of it has gone. Hay is a very important part of a rabbits diet. In fact it should make up the greatest percentage. Hay helps to keep a healthy digestive system & also helps to wear their continually growing teeth down.

Teddy & Daisy are closely followed by Thumper & Annie for being the best hay eaters.
Once again the majority of the hay will have gone in 24 hours.
Tilly happily munching away.

Tilly is currently on a dust free meadow hay because of her partner Rumble who has an allergy to dust.

Patch & Toffee getting stuck in.
They too will have eaten the majority of hay by tomorrow.

As a general rule I give each rabbit a pile of hay as big as themselves.¬† However, for some that isn’t enough so I will increase it & then there are those of the bunnies who eat it but aren’t that bothered.¬† Rumble for instance is a good hay eater but just doesn’t eat as much as everyone else.

Thumper has found a treat – a thistle stem!
Toffee has also found one & Patch is about to start burrowing into her hay pile.
Take a look at Toffee’s feet & you’ll see the thistle stem.
Patch burrowing into her pile. Looking for a thistle stem?
She’s not having much luck!
My hay bales.
A close up of part of a thistle stem. The thick brown woody looking thing.


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