Vaccination Time.

Daisy glad to be home after the vet visit.

It’s that time of year again where the bunnies vaccinations are due. So all eight piled into the car & arrived at the vets, quite stressed for their VHD2. Click here to read about rabbit vaccinations & why they are so important.

Daisy got a clean bill of health & teeth are always checked.  Her teeth are perfect which is great considering she is a Dwarf Lop & that breed is prone to teeth issues.

Teddy trying to hide, not wanting to go to the vets.

Teddy also got a clean bill of health & his teeth looked great too. His runny eye was assessed & because I am able to maintain it with just one drop of eye drops per day, I will continue this way.  His eye looks great & you wouldn’t know there was an issue.  It is not bad enough for an eye flush & only if it becomes worse will an eye flush be a consideration.

Annie all tired.

Annie got a clean bill of health except for her teeth. Her teeth have always been maintained with her diet but as she grows older, her teeth are shifting causing even more uneven wear.  At the moment she has two spurs on her back teeth that need keeping a close eye on. It’s highly likely she will need a dental in the future.

Thumper gasping for a drink now he is home & the stress is over.

Thumper joined the rest of the group in getting a clean bill of health. His teeth are being kept in check by his diet.

Rumble & Tilly, so glad to be home & Rumble wants comforting.

Tilly & Rumble both got a clean bill of health. Both their teeth are being kept in check by their diet. Rumble had a bit of a rattle with his mucus but that was because he was stressed. I am to continue nebulizing but can reduce it to every other day.


Patch also glad to be home.

Patch had her full Mot & a clean bill health was given. She has recently taken to snoring when she is asleep & that is probably because she is getting older & things are sagging! Her teeth are being kept in check by her diet.

Toffee looking like he’s saying you’re not picking me up again.

Toffee was the least stressed bunny at the vets & was as good as gold. He got the clean bill of health & confirmation his teeth are being kept in check by his diet.

So everyone is looking in great condition & as always most of the bunnies’ teeth need monitoring. Annie being my biggest concern in that area. Next month is the next set of vaccinations, which is the myxomatosis & VHD1.  Fortunately, this is combined so it is just one injection & the vet is coming out to the bunnies. Should be a lot less stressful for everyone.

Just remember these highly contagious & infectious diseases are best prevented by vaccination otherwise you are putting your rabbit at risk of suffering a needless painful death. You must vaccinate your rabbit whether it is an indoor or outdoor rabbit as other animals including the family cat or dog could carry the infected insect & even your plants could bring the virus into the home if they have been exposed to it. You can vaccinate your rabbit from 6 weeks of age onwards & from then you should have annual boosters done.  It is best to vaccinate your rabbits around Feb to April so they can have protection for the high season.
It can take up to 14 days for your rabbit to build up it’s immunity.  As with any vaccine they are never 100% guaranteed but if your rabbit does contract the disease after vaccination it will have a milder form of the disease & have a much greater chance of survival.

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