Toffee & Patch getting stuck in.

You may wonder what Toffee & Patch are getting stuck into. Look closely at the photo & you will see a small branch.  This branch is off my Corkscrew Willow & the bunnies love it.

Toffee getting in a muddle with the branch.
Nope, he’s still not got the hang of it.

Eventually, Toffee turned around & Patch had let go of it so he was able to free himself of his little branch muddle.

The Corkscrew Willow branches, as you can see are quite tall.
Teddy & Daisy enjoy one of the bigger branches.
Annie & Thumper tucking in.
Tilly thinking about having a munch.
Rumble just finishing off the piece he broke off.
The end result. Not much left.

The Willow branches are a great boredom breaker & help wear their teeth down. It is well worth giving your bunnies branches to chew on for exactly these reasons. Do make sure the branches have not been sprayed with chemicals & are safe for bunnies to chew.

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