Annie totally asleep.

Some of my bunnies get a bit too relaxed for prey animals & end up having a very good sleep. Annie in particularly loves a good sound snooze. Thumper, on the other hand likes to stay alert, as you can see from the photos below.

Annie completely crashed out while Thumper very much awake.
Annie & Thumper.

Annie isn’t the only one to nod off soundly. Daisy does it very well too.

Daisy having a good sleep.
Teddy & Daisy snoozing.

Teddy nods but doesn’t fully go to sleep like Daisy. Another sound sleeper is Rumble, as you can see from the photos below.

Rumble curled up fast asleep.
Rumble has a slight shift in position.
Rumble’s eyes tightly shut.
How can the wood be comfortable?

I have to finish the blog with more sleepy photos of Annie.

Annie very comfortable against Thumper.
Annie slightly waking up after Thumper shifts position.

Below is Thumper at his most relaxed.

Thumper relaxing while taking a breath of fresh air.

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