Thumper and Annie Have a Jolly Good Time.

Annie, on the wall, checking out what the other bunnies are up to.

It was Thumper & Annie’s turn to have a proper ‘freedom’ play outside. First thing to check out was the wall.

Thumper having a munch whilst walking the wall.
Annie, done the wall now wants to jump back down for further investigations.
Thumper joins Annie as she checks out the interesting smells.
Thumper messing about with a clump of grass.
Thumper, never keeping still heads down the path.
Somethings caught Thumper’s attention.
He investigates the plant pots.
However, it’s not the plant pots themselves that’s interested Thumper, it’s what they contain – soil!

Thumper doing his best to dig out all the soil from the plant pots.

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