Tilly Goes on a Pilgrimage While Rumble Heads for the Jungle!

Tilly exploring & discovering new scents.

Rumble & Tilly had a play outside & both did their own thing. Rumble headed for the ‘jungle’.

Rumble trying to cut down some of the grass ‘jungle’.
After all his munching, little Rumble takes a rest & dozes.

Tilly on the other hand was bounding with energy, so she decided to head off on a pilgrimage.

First stop for Tilly on her journey was the wall.
She finally arrives at her destination – Willowhenge!
Tilly enters the circle & sits peacefully enjoying the calm before the oncoming storm.
Of course, Tilly doesn’t know how to be quiet & calm for long. She finished the evening with a good old dig next to Big Ted & wound him up something rotten.


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