New Pen Flooring.

Patch & Toffee, before Patch broke her leg.

I have been planning for Patch’s return to her pen, fingers crossed this does happen, because of what has happened I wanted to make her pen floor more grippy. At the moment the flooring of the pens are marine ply coated with an oil,  which is harmless to animals but does give some protection to the wood. The floor is a bit slippy & that is something Patch cannot afford to be doing with her current medical condition.  She has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. If she slips & bangs herself, I fear she could break another bone or worse break the same leg & it really is a matter of life & death.

The idea of flooring that would give decent grip, be unchewable &  waterproof, came through the animal sanctuary that I adopted Tilly from.  They were just about to use stable matting & they very kindly gave me a sample. After further research the sample was actually gym flooring. I ordered samples to check it was the same material & double checked it was pet safe. The sample was the same & I had confirmation it was pet safe.

Samples of the matting, one from the sanctuary, the other from a supplier. I confirmed they were the same.

The rolls of matting were ordered & the task of refitting the pens began.  The first job was to remove the pens from their plywood flooring, this was a great opportunity to make improvements, do some maintenance & give a very good spring clean.  The first pen we started with was Toffee & Patch’s pen. Their pen dismantles, so it was taken out for a quick jet wash & when the plywood had dried we glued the matting to the plywood flooring.

The gym matting glued to the plywood flooring.

Once the glue had dried, we put the pen back together again.

Toffee & Patch’s pen with the newly fit matting.

The next pen was Teddy & Daisy’s.  This was a bit more tricky as the pen does not dismantle. The first job was to remove it from the plywood flooring, then it was turned upside down for cleaning & maintenance.  The bed box was also included in the clean & maintenance.

Teddy & Daisy’s pen removed from the flooring & turned upside down for a good clean & maintenance.

The floor where the actual pen sat, I also cleaned & re oiled. Once everything had dried, the plywood flooring was returned ready for the matting to be glued. Due to the sizes of plywood, the flooring had a join & we needed to make sure the two pieces of ply did not come apart whilst we were gluing the matting down. We used masking tape to hold it in place.

The pen was then returned & made ready for Big Ted & Daisy.

Teddy & Daisy’s pen all ready for them.

The final pens were a alot trickier, as there was going to have to be a join where the two pens met & we were going to have to get it lined up exactly so the join was underneath the 2×2 separating the pens. Once again the pens were removed & a clean up & maintenance job took place including re oiling the floor.

Annie, Thumper, Tilly & Rumble’s pen, removed & upside down for it’s maintenance & clean up.
The flooring where the pen sat was cleaned & re oiled.

Once the floor had dried, the plywood flooring was returned complete with the matting. We then fixed the actual pen to it & then it was ready.

Rumble & Tilly’s pen ready for use.
Annie & Thumper’s pen with the newly fit matting. Thumper investigates it.

The matting definitely provides a good floor with plenty of grip. All the bunnies seem to approve especially now they can tear round their pens without slipping. The next task is their ramps. Another post will follow when complete.


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