Patch’s Ongoing Recovery.

Patch, still recovering.

It’s been over 3 months now since Patch broke her leg. There have been a lot of additional issues along the way too. Apart from a couple of scary incidents with her metalwork, there has also been her ear infection & the E. Cuniculi to deal with.

Patch still confined.

The last visit to the vet in August was to assess if the metalwork could be removed, unfortunately, it couldn’t.  This was because the leg has not healed enough & still needs the support of the metal. It was disappointing but, after all this, it has to be removed at the correct time.  No point in removing it too early & destroying the healing that has occurred. The fur is now growing over the metalwork.

At the moment, Patch is doing really well, touchwood, & really is a little trouper. Her ear infection is still grumbling on but the infection does appear to be lessening, her ear is not as irritated as it was at the beginning. The E.Cuniculi side of things has been disappointing, her latest blood results showed that the parasite is still active.  However, the spread has been stopped for now but whether that will change we just don’t know.  The parasites that are active may well be causing damage to Patch internally but as she is doing so well & showing no symptoms, we can only assume everything is good for now. It was very lucky that I mentioned the first signs immediately & the vet suggested Panacur straight away, had things been left for a few more days it is likely her symptoms would have been much worse & we may have struggled to get on top of them.

Next month Patch revisits the vet for an assessment of the leg & once again, it will be decided as to whether the metalwork can be removed. Let’s just hope in the meantime she stays on an even keel.

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