The Moult Has Arrived.

Toffee has just started his moult. Here he is getting a small treat after enduring the comb.

The moult is under way in the bunny shed.  This year is slightly unusual as normally everyone starts the moult within a week of each other but not this time. Rumble has practically finished his moult while Tilly, his partner, has only just begun. Toffee has also just begun his moult, as you can see from the photo above just a small amount has come off his coat so far.

Rumble’s coat has practically finished shedding, just a small amount left at his rear.
Tilly’s coat is very fine so you don’t seem to get the huge tufts that you do on some bunnies. The only way you can tell she is moulting is by stroking her, fur flies everywhere!
Annie heavily moulting.
Annie is a total scruff with the huge moult she is going through.

Annie is going through a heavy moult at the moment, she is shedding fur by the handful. I am trying to comb her everyday but she is getting very fed up with that.  Luckily, Annie dozes quite a lot so I am able to get a few combs through her then without her really knowing what is happening.  She thinks it’s Thumper grooming her, especially if I do her head!  Below is a photo of how much fur I am getting off Annie in one combing session.

Annie’s fur shedding.
Thumper having a weigh in as well as a good comb.
Thumper after his comb.

Thumper is also heavily moulting which is not like him, normally, he has a light moult.  After a good comb I can get his coat looking pretty good, unlike Annie’s where it doesn’t look like I have even combed it.  Below are photos of how much fur I am getting off Thumper in one combing session.

Thumper initially only gave up a small amount of fur from his coat.
As the moult got going, more & more fur came out.

Patch has also started her moult in the last two weeks. I am having to be very careful of where I comb due to her metalwork.

Amount of fur I am getting from Patch’s coat at the moment.

Teddy & Daisy are just about starting their moult. They both usually shed heavily & there is always a lot of combing involved.

Teddy starting his moult, you just see the fur sticking up on his back. Daisy isn’t shedding a lot at the moment.

The only thing you can do to help a bunny through a moult is to keep combing & combing.

To find out more about moulting. Click here.



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