Outdoor Pens Resting.

Rumble & Tilly in for the winter.

Now the weather has turned to colder & rainy days, the bunnies are now in for the winter.This gives their outdoor pens’ time to rest & recover from the months of scalping & digging. If I didn’t bring the bunnies in over winter, next spring there wouldn’t be much in the way of grass for them to eat. However, they still get some outdoor playtime, weather permitting! So far the pens are recovering nicely as you can see below.

Rumble & Tilly’s pen.

In Rumble & Tilly’s pen, which is the photo above, you can already see the grass has grown. The long grass near the bottom left of the photo is the toilet area for Rumble & Tilly & that has certainly had a good growth spurt!

Teddy & Daisy’s pen.

Teddy & Daisy’s pen, see photo above, has done remarkably well in recovering.  There pen is always the worst affected by all the scalping of grass.

Annie & Thumper’s pen.

Annie & Thumper’s pen, see photo above, has also done remarkably well in recovering, it too has the toilet area growth spurt. I still have some maintenance to do on the pens yet if it ever stops raining!  I need to fill in most of the holes dug out by the bunnies, weed & fertilize the grass.


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