Branches Ahoy!

Thumper guarding his stash of apple branches.

The apple branches lasted a reasonable amount of time, but for all Thumper’s guarding of the stash they’re all gone now. Fortunately, it is that time of year when the hedges need clipping & this means more branches for the bunnies.

A section of the hedge partially clipped.
The current branch stash.
The smaller cut branches.

The hedge branches consist of Hawthorn, minus the thorns,  & Hazel. Hawthorn seems to be the favourite although the small hazel branches go down a treat.  These branches might not be as big or as tasty as the apple branches but they are a great boredom breaker for the bunnies & also it gives them a natural way to wear their teeth down.

Annie & Thumper enjoying their branches.
Tilly happily munching away on her little branch.
Rumble loving the crunchy branch.
Toffee chewing away his branch.
Even little Patch gets a branch although it has to be quite small as I don’t want her getting tangled.
Teddy attacks his branch.
Daisy chomps away.
Branches finished.

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