Annie & Thumper’s Interesting Day!

Annie’s weigh in.

Annie & Thumper’s day started off with a weight check much to Thumper’s dislike.

Thumper not happy with the weigh in.

It was cleaning day in the shed, so Annie’s first job was to investigate the bin bags.

Annie looking for anything interesting like food or something.
Nope, Annie not finding anything.

Meanwhile, Thumper makes his own exploration of the shed.

First stop for Thumper is the hay bale, a good vantage point so he can check out the rest of the shed.
Next the vacuum pipe & a tunnel for Thumper to investigate.
Annie waiting for Thumper while having a snack.
Finally Thumper arrives for his lunch date with Annie.

They part ways after lunch & Thumper goes to check out the vacuum pipe, but he can hear strange noises.

Thumper on alert as he can hear strange noises…
It’s Annie making the noise in her favourite place – The vacuum cupboard.

Annie then joins Thumper & they investigate Toffee’s bed box.

Annie & Thumper have a good rummage around while poor Toffee looks on, wondering what they are doing in his bed box.


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