The Weigh in & Claw Clip.

Daisy waiting patiently for her claw clip.

It’s that time again for a weight check on the bunnies & they all need a claw clip. The weigh in & the claw clip is a good time to check each bunny & see if there are any health problems that have not shown themselves through symptoms.

Claw clip done, Daisy has her weight check.

Daisy is looking good & has lost some weight which is great.  She has been on a diet. Up next was Toffee.

Toffee getting weighed.

Toffee was also looking good & his weight remains stable.  He was also in for his twice weekly comb too.

Tilly having her weigh in & not liking it.

Tilly’s weight is good & whilst clipping her claws I found what looked like an injury on one of her toes, it has healed now but next time there is a vet visit, I want it checked.

Thumper just hating the whole weigh in & claw clipping.

Fortunately, even though Thumper hates being handled, he let me crack on with the weight check & claw clip. I found a broken claw on Thumper, so have tidied it up.

Teddy after his weigh in waiting for the claw clip.

Teddy doesn’t mind the weigh in but he does not like the claw clip.  For one, he has ticklish feet & two, he’s the biggest baby in the shed & does easily become panicked. After lots of treats & drafting in a helper, Teddy finally got his claws clipped.

Rumble not liking the weigh in.

Rumble always digs the towel of the scales so he has to be put on without the towel which means he can’t grip very well, this makes him anxious when on the scales.  Afterwards, he does get a treat & then on to claw clipping.

Rumble having his treat & then it’s his claw clipping.
Patch relaxing after her weigh in.

Patch had her claws clipped at the vets a couple of weeks ago so lucky for her she just had a weigh in.  She’s doing really good with her weight & I shall post an update on her soon. No weigh in photo of Patch, just too scary to leave on the scales unattended, even for a few seconds.

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