Patch’s Anniversary.

Patch 2011-2020.

It has roughly been a year since Patch had her accident & broke her leg. She endured a huge operation to fix it & months of confinement.  Not only that but all the treatment to help her recover, from daily painkillers, antibiotics & gut stimulants, some of which went on for months to several X-rays which of course involved an anaesthetic.  Just to top it off, the stress brought on E.Cuniculi which came with a few nasty symptoms. Miracle Patch came through it all & as if that wasn’t enough she then had to have a dental  last month. Patch still has her eating issue at the moment & her kidney blood test results are a little high, so she is by no means one hundred percent, but to even be able to write about this & she’s still with me able to hop about is amazing. This is what I was hoping to publish today but I lost my beautiful girl on the 4th June.

Patch had moved into a new adapted pen.
The only real adaptation to the pen was smaller mesh around the bottom. This should prevent her getting her leg caught.

Patch always had to be on carpet,  so she could get a good grip with the mended leg. Her teddy stayed with her too. She loved to lean on it or sit close by. Patch was also allowed outside.

Patch partially sunbathing.
Patch loving munching the grass with the warm sun on her.
Patch also enjoys some free time.

I am not sure anyone would have thought at the start of this journey we would get to such a good point. However, the ‘good point’ had slipped slightly this week, she was experiencing pain in her mended leg so had been put on Paracetamol as well as the Metacam, her ears were very irritated & full of wax so she had to have ear drops & an ear massage twice daily.  All the stress of extra medication meant her stress levels shot through the roof putting her in danger of the soft poo’s returning & of course it knocked her off eating even more.  So frustrating, we couldn’t keep to an even keel so we just soldiered on as always.

However, earlier this week Patch’s pain got out of control in a big way.  After seeing the vet on the 3rd it was determined that something had happened to her mended leg, this was devastating to hear, after all she’d been through. She was given very strong painkillers which did the trick that night.  The following morning, the 4th, she was in terrible pain even after the strong painkillers, I called the vet & he came out to see her. There wasn’t anymore we could do for her & another re examination of her leg showed something bad had definitely happened, probably another fracture. Patch was put to sleep to end her suffering. Another heartbreak so soon after Rumble.  Enjoy a few of my favourite photos of gorgeous Patch:


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