Annie’s Abscess.

Annie’s abscess doesn’t bother her in the least.

It has been nearly seven weeks since Annie had her op to lance & drain her abscess.  It has been one heck of a journey & is still ongoing but she is doing brilliant.

Annie’s abscess two weeks after the op.

Two weeks after the op it was very hard to tell if Annie’s abscess was reducing, we knew it definitely wasn’t getting any bigger so the penicillin continued.

The following week & we were still unsure if it was reducing.
Another week went by & there was quite a reduction in the abscess.
This is the latest photo of Annie’s abscess & it is now the size of the distance between my fingers.

Since the above photo was taken the abscess has reduced again & now is slightly bigger than a pinhead.  What is remarkable is that throughout, Annie has been well in herself, had no tummy troubles from the penicillin & is tolerating her injections & handling pretty well.

One of the ways the handling has been made less stressful is a cat bed! Annie loves to go home via the cat bed, which suits us all perfectly as Annie hates to be picked up.

Annie glad the injection is over.
Annie impatient to get back home.
Somebody thinks they’re missing out & needs to investigate Annie’s ride home.
Annie glad to be back in her pen & able to relax with her Thumper.

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