Panda Eyes!

Gorgeous Toffee!

I think I have said in a previous post that Toffee’s coat is the most interesting to watch during his moults. His colours are so varied ranging from chocolate brown right the way through to a stark blond & ginger. You can see from the photo above how he goes from the dark chocolate brown, from his eye, through to the much paler brown starting on his back with a few ginger bits on his shoulder. Every year is different & this year is no exception, this time he’s gone for the Panda eye look!

Here we have Toffee with the dark chocolate round his eye & then the ginger of summer coat further down his cheek.
The other side is pretty much the same. Panda Eyes!

For the eagle eyed of you, you may have noticed that there is a white cloudiness in each of Toffee’s eyes, these unfortunately are his cataracts. He’s managing pretty well at the moment but his vision has definitely reduced.  You can see he relies more on his sense of smell & hearing now. I must always let him know I am there before picking him up & be aware of things he may struggle with.

Another photo of the way Toffee’s coat is so multi coloured during moults. He looks like he has a facemask on this one!
Toffee with his summer coat, note how much blond & ginger there is.

Toffee was just starting his moult for winter in the above photo, you can see his back is just starting to shed.

Below is the best photo of Toffee’s multi coloured coat.

Toffee with his part summer & part winter coat – Gorgeous!

If you’d like to learn more about moulting then click here.

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