Dozy Daisy!

Shh – some little girl is fast asleep!!!

Daisy takes the trophy for the bunny who can sleep through anything. She really does fall fast asleep, which technically she shouldn’t do being a prey animal.

A close up of Daisy under the stool in the land of nod!

Below is a selection of photos of Daisy over the years doing what she does best – sleeping!

Daisy is fast asleep.
And again -Zzzz.
One of her favourite sleep positions.
About to drop off into the land of nod.
Daisy’s sleepiness is infectious!!
Close up of Daisy out for the count.
This is the full picture – so relaxed.
Daisy so sweet….
Out of it again.
Always a heart stopping moment when she does this!
Those eyelids are getting heavier.
Slowly nodding off. Zzzz.

Daisy’s ability to sleep really well means I have to be very cautious when I enter the shed, if I wake her with a sudden start, she may well have a heart attack & die of shock. My usual method of dealing with this is to constantly say her name whilst fairly quietly going about my business in the shed. Eventually, she usually does wake up with a little start but is good immediately, thank goodness. Daisy’s dad finally caught her on film having a little dream – watch those whiskers!

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