Cuddle Time Caught by the Bunny Cam.

Toffee & Poppy.

The bunnies have a camera inside their shed which is very useful.  I can keep an eye on a sick bunny without keep disturbing them, keep check on what they are all up to & take some cuddle photos.  You’ll have to bare with the small photos, the camera does it’s best.

Teddy & Daisy so relaxed. Look at Ted’s white tum – gorgeous!
Tilly snuggling up to Peanut.
Then Peanut snuggling up to Tilly!
You sometimes catch an amusing photo like this one of Poppy using Toffee’s head as a support whilst she has a clean. He loved it!
Night cam snuggling!
Poppy & Toffee are very good snugglers.
Annie & Thumper do some good grooming or is it kissing??
Then it’s time to snuggle.
Peanut snuggling round his Tilly.

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