Update on the Abscess Duo.

Little Annie sound asleep.

So it’s been two months since Annie & Teddy came off their antibiotics.  It was extremely nerve wrecking as we waited to see if the abscesses returned.  So far, touchwood, neither abscess has returned, which feels like a miracle given they only had a slim chance of survival at the beginning of the diagnosis.

Annie still has a very small pea shaped lump on her head but it hasn’t changed in three weeks now.  She has been given a cautious all clear, purely because of that little lump.  I shall keep monitoring it & hopefully nothing will change. As you can see from the photos, her fur has grown back & she is relaxed as ever!

Sleep time again!

As for Teddy, he has been given a cautious all clear too but the vet is more confident with Teddy that it will not return, purely because he has no lumps. The ordeal did leave Teddy underweight & he had a reaction to all the injections.

You can see behind his ears, on his back the reaction to the injections.
A close up of the reaction area.

By the time the above photo was taken, Teddy’s reaction site had started to heal.  His fur had just started to grow back & there were just a few remaining scabs left. To help heal his scabs I used Manuka Honey & it seemed to work pretty well, it definitely took the angry redness away. I had to stop using it once he returned to his Daisy as I know she would have probably licked it off.

Teddy back where he belongs with his Daisy.

Both Teddy & Annie had no after affects of being on antibiotics for so long.  Sometimes the gut can grow bad bacteria after such a long course of antibiotics.  I think what stopped this is that I had both of them on a probiotic throughout the antibiotic course & for two to three weeks after.

Teddy has gained quite a bit of weight now & is looking like his old self again, which is so great.  The whole ordeal has taken quite a bit out of them both as neither are youngsters, but that said, they are both now doing fab. Long may it continue.

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & a we wish for everyone to have a much better year than 2020. What a terrible year!

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