Teddy & Daisy Explore & Mark the Shed.

Teddy & Daisy investigate the different smells.

Now the bunnies have all been playing around the shed for a few weeks, there are a lot more interesting smells for everyone, as Teddy & Daisy discovered.

Teddy really intent on one smell.
Teddy investigates behind the box while Daisy looks on waiting for a report!
Teddy shoots off while Daisy decides whether she should follow.
Daisy decides to investigate the box & hay instead.
Enough of the box, Daisy heads off.
Teddy meanwhile is led by his tummy – hay time!
Teddy spots Daisy & heads her way.
They both tuck in.
Teddy & Daisy visited the other side of the hale bay & did more than tuck in.
What a mess! Obviously, lots of digging has gone on.
Daisy acts all innocent.
While Teddy couldn’t give a toss about what he’s doneĀ as it was tiring work!

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