Destruction, Destruction, Destruction!

Thumper chilling, all nice & calm but we know there is another side to bunnies!

This winter the bunnies have really gone to town on what they can destroy. So, let’s look at the evidence & name the guilty party.  The first set of evidence is below.

The guilty parties food dish, it’s taken a pounding.
It’s been chewed & thrown about a lot.

This guilty bunny didn’t stop there:

What a Mess!
The sawdust bag – Irresistible obviously.
And there is more!
The sawdust bag has been a target for this bunny everytime, as you can see, he has now managed to chew three corners of it.

And the guilty bunny is the shy & quiet:


I think he did have help with the sawdust bag from his missus Tilly, but I have no evidence it’s only circumstantial.

The second case evidence is:

My poor chewed Cacti.

You can clearly see the brown parts where some naughty girl has been chewing to her hearts content. The guilty girl is:


Third set of evidence:

Some bunny tried to help me repot my Cacti but just sent the soil everywhere & afterwards dug & ripped the newspaper.
I couldn’t figure out what these blue bits were at first until I found……
… of my supposedly strong shopping bags.
The evidence mounts & this ball of carpet fibres should give the guilty party away if you’ve read my previous posts.
The carpet wounds.

And of course the guilty party is:


The fourth set of evidence shows someone has a cardboard fetish:

Some little bunny worked very hard on this.
A close up of the hole, note the amount of cardboard bits inside the box. This box was a real boredom breaker.
The bits were pouring out of the other side of the box!
Another hole this little girl has done.

The guilty party:

Sweet Poppy!

This fifth set of evidence is just odd, I don’t know why only one  provoked an attack.

My boots! The one on the right has been attacked by this mad lady.

The guilty lady:

Crazy Daisy!

The final set of evidence:

A little nibble here & there.
This bunny has really got going now.

And the culprit is:


So does this mean I have two angels in the shed?  Well, we know Teddy is definitely one now.


I have to admit I never really found much in the way of any damage from the big lad.


As for Tilly, I think she is very good at blaming any damage on her partner. I strongly suspect she had something to do with the sawdust bales Peanut got blamed for. In it together I think!


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