Toffee & Poppy Have a Jolly Sniffing Time!


Poppy & Toffee have a lot of fun exploring the shed & it’s fab to see my ‘old man’ Toffee still being youthful with his binkying. Keep an eye on Toffee while Poppy is on the box in the video.

Poopy considers her next move while Toffee finds an interesting carpet smell.
Still pondering!
She thinks of visiting Tilly but it can be dangerous.
She decides against it & looks for Toffee.
Toffee finds more smells to sniff.
And again – such interesting smells.
This is a corker of a smell!
Toffee spots me & thinks it’s treat time.
Poppy has found her own good smell.
Toffee & Poppy meet up.
A little more exploration is done by Poppy.
Toffee ready for his siesta.

All in all a good interesting day for these two.

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