Outside at Last!

Daisy happy to be outside!

A few weeks ago the outdoor pens have recovered from last years scalping & the weather has warmed up enough for the bunnies to finally get outside into their pens.  First stop for some bunnies were the soil barrels, always a favourite.  Even better when grass has grown inside them too.

Thumper claiming the barrel as his whilst Annie looks on.
Thumper feeling quite content in his barrel.
Daisy contemplates the outside sat in her favourite place.
Apollo having a good chin everywhere.
Annie introduces herself to Apollo while Thumper dozes.
Tilly digging already!
Toffee loving it in the sun while Poppy takes in the fresh air.

As for Peanut, he too is enjoying the fresh air & loving being outside, but you’ll not get a photo of him as if you’re out, he’s in & Vicea Versa!

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