Naughty Bunnies!

Hmn, I wonder what is under the mat Tilly?

Tilly & Peanut had a play out for a few hours & as per usual they were both up to their usual naughtiness.  Of course Tilly didn’t care but Peanut ran away & hid as the consequences were too much for the little lad.

What a surprise – a hole!
A very deep hole at that.

As this pen doesn’t have any mesh underneath, the hole dug was enough for Peanut to dig out & squeeze his slender frame through into the big wide world of the garden.  However, poor nervous Peanut bit off more than he could chew & scared himself half to death with the new found freedom.  Fortunately, he had the sense to stay close to Tilly & we eventually managed to get Peanut back into the shed. Let’s just say he had a very good sleep that night.

Peanut, glad he’s back home.

Now we know Peanut is a proper digger, there has had to be some pen swapping about which has worked in Peanut’s favour.  He now gets to go outside into one of the big pens which has mesh buried underneath.

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