Mr Wild Bun Returns and Makes His Mark!

Mr Wild Bun looking a little wet!

Mr Wild bun is back for another year & he was very pleased to see my lot.  Every morning he is sat on the wall waiting for my bunnies to play out. Fortunately, he obliges my outdoor camera.  He does no harm to my bunnies as he just wants to see his ‘adopted’ family again.  He does however, claim them for himself as you can see from the photos below.

Annie with her new speckled coat, thanks to Mr Wild Bun.
A close up of Annie’s face where she took a lot of hits of Mr Wild Bun’s spray.
Apollo mainly got caught on his face.

All the other bunnies got their fair share too but the spray doesn’t show up as well on their darker coats.  Mr Wild Bun did his best to try to claim the inside of the outdoor pens too.

He has a large range!
A very large range – nothing is safe!

Mr Wild Bun is in his element when he visits & will often stay all day.  It is very strange he is the only wild bun around our garden & he does have a large surrounding area to himself too.

Mr Wild Bun roaming his Kingdom.

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