Weigh Time.

Annie relaxed at her weigh in.

Every month I weigh my bunnies, it’s part of their maintenance routine.  Their weight is a good indication of their health.  If one of them has suddenly lost a lot of weight, that could be an early indication something is wrong with them.  For instance Toffee has been losing a bit of weight over the last few months & I have been monitoring him on a weekly basis, his weight kept dropping little by little but the odd week it would remain the same or go up slightly.  This tells me that there is probably nothing too serious going on but likely he is suffering some muscle wastage due to his age.  I did have this confirmed by my vet at vaccination time.

Toffee turning into an old bun now.

The time to worry over weight loss is when you see a continuous drop in weight week after week, this is a clear indication something is not right, even if they appear to be well. At this point it’s time for a vet visit. I am a great believer in nipping things in the bud, it’s better for the bunny, yourself & usually your wallet! Don’t let things fester on.

Tilly did a little digging to show she was annoyed at her weigh in.

Whilst my bunnies have their weight checked it’s also a good opportunity to give them a full Mot.  I check mine from head to toe.  It’s also better for the bunnies to do things all at once, it means no further picking up, as we know most bunnies do not like to be picked up, & less stress for everyone.

Peanut was very worried over his weigh in.
Thumper worried over his weigh in too which is not like him. He’s old hat at the weigh scales.

Somebody who is new to the scales was…

Apollo! He really wasn’t sure what to make of the scales.
Daisy as ever always digs the towel & makes it take twice as long as it should.

All done for another month & bunnies, touchwood, are all good too.  Oh Poppy was adamant no photos of her on the weigh scales!


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