These Are a Few of My Favourite Things. The Sequel!!

One of Apollo’s favourite things is to sit up high somewhere.

He also likes a chat over the ‘fence’ with his pal Thumper.
And the occasional barrel chat.
Thumper loves to investigate dark spaces…
..especially when they are easy to get out of.
Thumper also loves to cuddle up to his missus, Annie.
And Annie loves to spend time with Thumper on the back garden eating & sniffing flowers.
One of Annie’s most favourite things is to just simply doze.
Peanut & Tilly’s favourite pastime is to explore the rabbit shed.
And they love the outdoors.
We can’t forget Mr Wild Bun, who loves to sit on the wall in all weathers waiting for his adopted family to be let out.
Even better on a warm sunny morning.

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