Tilly’s Drink Problem.

Tilly having a good munch on some Clover.

Towards the end of last year, Tilly started to increase her drinking.  As she showed no other signs of being unwell I decided to monitor her.  Her drinking levelled off at an increased amount & once again she was well in herself. So I continued the monitoring.  However, earlier this year I noticed she began to lose weight, it wasn’t a massive amount but still we have got to her lowest weight.  Her weight has also levelled off at the lower weight.

Tilly appearing fit & well.

This was enough to prompt me to start some investigations.  So Tilly paid a visit to the vets earlier this week.  Knowing they would ask for a urine sample I got one ready from Tilly the day before & popped it in the fridge overnight so it would keep.  After the vet check, Tilly seemed fine, nothing untoward was found.  So the urine sample would be tested & bloods would be taken to check Tilly’s kidneys, liver etc.  Tilly got a gold star for good behaviour as they took the bloods from her & amazingly it was done with ease, it’s usually not that simple!

The results came back & at first glance nothing seems to stand out, however the results are going to be analysed further & I should know the findings next week.  A promising start nothing is wrong although I do hope it’s not one of those situations where everything looks good but something is still not quite right. As for Tilly she is still well & happily eating & being naughty.

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