Busy Weekend.

Annie glad her nail clip is over.

Last weekend was a busy weekend for the bunnies, all had a nail clip, weigh in & comb. They were all glad to get it over with as was I! Some are now starting their moult & fur was abound no end.

Brave Peanut, slowly getting used to being handled.
Whereas Tilly is old hat at the scales.

Tilly has gained a little weight this week which is good news.  It shows that she can gain weight,  just need those blood results & a discussion with my vet.

Daisy quite happy to sit on the scales.
Thumper just had his nails clipped & a quick comb after his weigh in.
Apollo still a little unsure of the scales but was happy with his comb & quite relaxed for his nail clip.
Blondie Toffee wondering when he can get back to his sunbathing instead of all this irritating maintenance!

Now if you’re wondering where Poppy is, well she endured the same maintenance as everyone else, I just forgot to take her photo!!

The eagle eyed of you may notice that the bunnies’ maintenance isn’t being carried out in their normal shed.  That’s because there is some work being done to the outbuilding they are housed in so the bunnies have temporarily had to move out, no easy task as they are used to certain standards but we kinda got there in the end.

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