Hedge Cutting Time Means…….. Bunny Branches!

Tilly & Peanut tuck in to their branches.

It’s hedge clipping time so the bunnies can now look forward to regular twigs & branches to munch on.  Luckily, some still have their leaves which makes it more enjoyable for the bunnies.

Annie & Thumper always start with the leaves then progress to the wood.

Giving twigs & branches to your bunnies is a great thing to do, for one it’s a good boredom breaker & two, it helps to keep their teeth in shape.

Poppy & Toffee make short work of their branches.

The hedge plants they are currently munching on is predominantly Hawthorn but Hazel is in there too.  If you’re wondering where Apollo is with his branches, he always ran off with them & hid, as for Daisy she messed up every photo!


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